Ephrata Cloister Part II

Here are the second batch of photos from my Ephrata Cloister visit. Hopefully, the creative license I took with the photo processing enhances the viewing and the spookiness, even though the Cloister gave me the opposite feeling.

Oakbourne Park Water Tower


Although empty today, the water tower for Oakbourne Mansion’s purpose was to hold water in case of fire in the main house. I stopped by during lunchtime and snapped some photos of the tower and plan to go back for the main house in future. In the meantime, there are several more photos of the Oakbourne water tower here.

Loch Aerie Basement Tour


Hopefully you’ve seen the rest of the house in our previous tour.  Here is the bonus footage – a walk down into the basement and through the underground storage areas.  This is the final footage to complete the tour of this magnificent property.

You can watch the tour via the video below or watch in the recommended method – full-screen high-definition by clicking here and once there, click on the four arrows in the lower right to expand to full screen.


Stauffer Mansion – Lancaster, PA


Stauffer’s Mansion is in Lancaster, PA and was built in 1870 by John Frederick Sener.  Today it is a public park due to granddaughter to Sener, Elizabeth Ludgate having willed it to the township.  I was driving by after lunch and requested permission to take a quick series of photographs of the exterior.  Click the image for the photo tour.