Stonebridge – ca. 1914 Georgian Revival – Chadds Ford, Pa

Thu, Apr 23, 2009

Georgian Revival, Victorian

stonebridge chadds ford Stonebridge   ca. 1914 Georgian Revival   Chadds Ford, Pa
Stonebridge is a ca. 1914 7,400 square foot mansion on 7.2 acres in Chadds Ford, PA built by John Scheidt, a wealthy Philadelphia brewer at the time.  The name Stonebridge comes from the stone bridge built over the creek that runs through the property.

The chief carpenter on the home at the time of construction was said to have described Scheidt as a stickler for details who inspected every piece of wood that went into the house.

What follows is an architectural review provided to me by Donald J. Weiss, Esq., who is offering the home for sale for $1.3 million, which for the area and property is very reasonable.  I thank Donald for the opportunity to tour and photograph Stonebridge.  The video tour of the home will be available in the coming weeks, so please check back.  Click on the photo above for the tour when you are ready.

Stonebridge is an imposing 5 bay, 2 1/2, story Georgian Revival house of gray coursed cut stone. There is matching stonework in the wall surrounding the house, in the stepped gateposts at Webb Road and Route 1 entrances and the bridge crossing the stream. Stone is worked in arch radiating voussoirs with keystones over all windows, even basement windows. The three exterior chimneys on gable ends and interior chimney on “L” are of the same stone.

Front (south facing) facade has a high style entranceway: a 2 story, 1 bay portico with dental-work trim, fluted Ionic columns, and a balustrade flanked by 2-story Ionic columns. Formal centered doorway has leaded glass Sidelights and a Palladian window in story above.

The 2-story portico is repeated, this time 2-bay, on West side of house. Room below is enclosed with small paned windows. 1 story flat roofed sun porch with modillioned cornice is on West side of house. Three dormer windows break the roofline on South facade. Central one has paired windows with dental-work in pediment and modillioned cornice. Flanking hipped dormers repeat the cornice detail.

Two dormers on North facade: 1 hipped, 1 pediment with wide window and sidelights. 1 story, 1 bay entrance on North facade has one Ionic column on Northeast corner, again, modillioned cornice. Leaded glass stairwell window above has 2-light half-elliptical transom and 2-light sidelights. “L” wing, projecting to North, has a pedimented gable with dental-work and half rounded window. Modillioned cornice and a decorative frieze wrap house. Proportion of rooms and interior details are very impressive.

A 2 1/2 story carriage house (garage/apartment) North of driveway carries out the high style elements. The south facing carriage house has an apartment over the two-car size garage (driveway level) and two on the lower level (entrance from North). To the left of the South facade is an old stone stairwell leading to the back lower level garage and a second building (60 x40).

Click on the photo for the complete photo tour comprising 99 images across 4 pages.  For the best viewing, I recommend selecting the slideshow link near the top.

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Detailed location information at Panoramio

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15 Responses to “Stonebridge – ca. 1914 Georgian Revival – Chadds Ford, Pa”

  1. Brian E. Mullin says:

    I studied some of the ‘Victorian Splendour’ in Bellfonte, PA, to get insights as to how the different ‘Roofing System Styles’ were incorporated on a wide variety of Victorian Homes, there. (I hit the ‘Motherload, there.)This was helpful for me when deciding on the ‘Final Roofing-Design Scheme’ for our own home back in Corning, Iowa!

  2. admin says:

    I haven’t spent any time in Belfonte, so now that I know, I’ll have to stop by to see the “motherlode”.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I drive by this home often & drool. Thank you for posting your gorgeous pictures. If I were to purchase this home I would turn it into a B&B that would also be able to host many celebrations. Who wouldn’t want to get married in this home & on it’s grounds?
    My mother plays the lotto every so often, if she wins I hope this will still be on the market!

    Thanks Again,

  4. admin says:

    Yeah, it’s been weeks since I’ve been there and I still think about how to make it happen that I can move there!

  5. Edward says:

    I’ve driven passed this for years, and it always calls to me. When I hit the Powerball, it’s mine! (I should buy a ticket!) I’ll turn the garages into my woodworking shop turning out re-creations of fine furniture from this home’s era, as well as works I’ve seen in various Dupont estates in the area.

  6. Carol E. Lewis says:

    This is an interesting property. My undersdtanding is it has been on the market for 1+ years and has not moved. Therefore I have several questions: 1) What is the tax structure in PA for a property like this, 2)what is the potential for entering it into the national historic registry, 3)I=is it occupied now and if not, how long has it been unoccupied, 4)have any educational institutions expressed an interest in the property. Thank you.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    It has been on the market for at least 7 years. I’ve lived in PA for this long and recall the asking price being 2.3 million at one time. It is now down to 1.1million, still not enough if you need about 500K to put into the start up of a B&B that won’t make a lot of money. The grounds need a lot of work, I can only imagine what the other rooms not shown need.

  8. Jane Rozmiarek says:

    It looks a lot like a somewhat larger version of my home in the Overbrook Farms section of Philadelphia. Do you know who the architect is? And what is the zoning? It’s too bad that so many people want to turn it into a commercial propery, but maybe that’s what the current zoning is?

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Alfred McCullough was the chief carpenter who worked on the home under the supervision of the owner John D Scheidt. John was the son of the original landowner, Gottleib. There doesn’t seem to be info on who the actual architect was upon the historical information found on the current owner/seller’s website. It is a massive, beautiful home and would make a perfect B&B for someone willing to take on that task.I had the pleasure of viewing the interior. Here is the link for more info, if you would like to take a look. http://www.donaldjweiss.com

  10. Brenda says:

    If you would like to see this beautiful home & property all gussied-up, you can attend the Decorator Showhouse & Gardens that will be taking place at Stonebridge from May 11th – 30th. For more information, check out http://www.showhouseandgardens.com!

  11. John says:

    I am presently doing a job at this house for an interior decorator. She is part of a group of local talent showing off their stuff on the property.
    I love this place!

    Here is a great way to see this house.
    (and hopefully find great local talent!)


  12. admin says:

    Coincidentally I supplied the photo of the house used in the promotions


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